As part of our ongoing commitment to the community, we have partnered with two local charities; Spitalfields Crypt Trust, a charity focused on helping people facing homelessness and addiction to transform their lives, and Foundation for Change, a local charity that uses the power of learning to suport those recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. We work with both charities to provide our time and resources alongside running initiatives to raise awareness and funds.

On a global level, we are proud to partner with the Made Blue Foundation, an entrepreneurial charity whose mission is clean water for all. Their life-changing projects operate in regions of water scarcity across the world.

Foundation for Change

In 2023 One Hundred Shoreditch established an official partnership with Foundation for Change, an independent, Shoreditch-based charity.

They harness the transformative power of learning to enable people in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction to create better futures for themselves and others. Empowering courses challenge how addiction and other responses to social inequality are addressed at an individual and systematic level.

Spitalfields Crypt Trust

Spitalfields Crypt Trust (SCT) is an East London-based charity that supports people to overcome homelessness and addictions.

They aim to address peoples’ needs holistically – from housing, employability, and health to social connections – all of which need careful attention to ensure long-term recovery.


Made Blue Foundation

We're proud to partner with Made Blue Foundation, a charity on a mission to provide everyone with access to clean drinking water. 

Our partnership funds 100 litres of clean, fresh water for every room night sold at One Hundred Shoreditch, and across our group. This means your stay will give one full day of clean water for a household in an area of water scarcity.

Guests are given this ‘gift’ to pay forward - they can decide (via a QR code in-room) which project the total amount made possible by their stay will support.